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The Toy Collectors Wish Book is the first book in a planned series covering the toys of the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and more! Each chapter is thematically dressed with a beautiful hero image featuring the toy line, has individual product photos with a detailed parts and accessories breakdown, and tells a story of the line through the lens of the pop culture events of the time. Retro Toy Quest is proud to be partnering with our publisher Blue Milk LLC, to deliver the best possible quality experience to our readers.

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What Makes the Retro Toy Quest Museum a Great User Experience?

Retro Toy Quest is not only for collectors, but for anyone wanting to take a trip back in time to experience the golden age of toys! Even those of us that were fortunate enough to experience this phenomenon firsthand in the 70s and 80s, not many of us got to see these amazing toy lines in their completion like we all dreamed of. If you are looking to learn the estimated value of your collection or looking to purchase vintage toys to add to your collection, Retro Toy Quest can be your best friend through the process. Great detail allows for the best user experience when researching these amazing toy lines of the past that once, and still do bring many of us great joy!

Thank you for visiting the Retro Toy Quest Museum of Vintage Toys! We very much hope you enjoy the exhibit tour, and our online educational resources.

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Retro Toy Quest Features

Below is a list of some of the great features you will find on the Retro Toy Quest Museum of Vintage Toys online experience.

Collectors Price Guide: Each series collectible features a detailed collectors price guide for collectors and nostalgic seekers to gauge an estimated value of each item. The Retro Toy Quest price guide is updated in real-time to offer up-to-date value. Traditionally printed price guides can become obsolete over time with out-of-date data. The Retro Toy Quest online database solves this problem with constant updates and periodically adds archive details to the exhibits collection pages. A powerful drop-down feature allows you to search within the series database and select specific years, alliances, and collectible types.

3-D Interactive: You will find that most Retro Toy Quest curated exhibit pages display a 3-D interactive spin of the featured collectible for an advanced interactive and  educational experience. You can innovatively control the direction speed and even pause the spin with a simple interactive action.

Custom Diorama Displays: Using custom-built curated sets and professional photography exclusive to Retro Toy Quest, exhibit dioramas top off your user experience. Just like the top toy companies marketing campaigns in the 1980s, we strive to capture a majority of the series in a single action-packed shot!

Action Figure Database: Each series exhibit page features high-resolution professional photography with detail and additional information on each vintage collectible. This is a great resource for collectors looking to complete their collection by identifying and matching accessories and series line ups.

Vintage Toy TV Commercials: Retro Toy Quest strives to provide an easy all-in-one platform for your retro enjoyment. Retro Toy Quest has organized and archive of the beloved vintage toy TV commercials you once enjoyed after school and Saturday mornings! You can also find an archive video available on many corresponding exhibit pages.

Quizzes: test your knowledge of vintage toys with a Retro Toy Quest vintage toy quiz. With several reference images and multiple choice answers, these quizzes may be easy to some, and difficult for others. Quizzes can range in different advancement levels, for more advanced collectors to test their knowledge.

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