Melf / Peralay

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Good Fighter Mage Elf

About This Vintage Toy

In the world of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Melf / Peralay comes from a lineage of magical forest-dwelling beings. The elf fighter can combine all the best traits of many inhabitants of the D&D realm. With the ability to use magic spells and weapons, this fighter is a powerful enemy to all creatures that would harm the forests and those who love nature. The action figure comes equipped with a bow, sword, shield, and medieval-style cloak. This particular action figure was packaged under two different names Melf and Peralay. On the current collectors market, identifying the character with both names has become common practice to collectors.

Melf / Peralay is also a skilled mage, a spell-casting magician who uses or practices magic derived from mystic and supernatural sources. Within the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game, more specifically in the World of Greyhawk campaign, Melf is also commonly known as Prince Brightflame. The elf character is native to the kingdom of Celene and often serves as the leader of the devoted Knights of Luna. In the novel Artifact of Evil written by Gary Gygax in 1986, Melf is also known as “Melf of the Arrow.”


Many LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons action figures featured a three and three-quarter-inch format similar to other competitors’ popular toy lines of the 80s. However, a small number of produced action figures in this toyline were disproportionate in standard consistent action figure size to represent the accuracy of the DND roleplaying game. The LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Strongheart action figure offered 5 points of articulation with the hips, shoulders, and neck. The Melf / Peralay action figure featured a three and three-quarter-inch size format, however, was slightly smaller due to the elvish nature of his character.

Included Accessories

Bow and Arrow
Shield Front
Cloak Inside
Shield Back
Cloak Outside

Original Packaging

Packaging Front (Peralay Version)
Packaging Front (Melf Version)
Packaging Back

The 1983 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons TV Commercial

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Collector’s Price Guide

ImageProduct NameAllianceTypeSeriesYearMLCMIB / MWCMISB / MOC Figure11983$45$60$110 Figure11983$65$85$285 Figure11983$65$80$210 Figure11983$90$120$215 Figure11983$35$45$140 Figure11983$40$55$120 Figure11983$40$50$155 Figure11983$25$35$120 Male TitanHeroAction Figure11983$65$80$215 KingEvilAction Figure11983$85$100$295 Figure11983$65$80$195 Mount11983$90$160$350 Mount11983$90$160$325 DragonHeroAction Mount11983$100$125$300 Monster11983$75$125$220 HorrorEvilAction Monster11983$40$75$190 of FangsEvilPlayset11983$500$650$900 DragonEvilAction Monster21984$750$1,400$5,000 Figure21984$55$160$450 Figure21984$75$110$200 Figure21984$90$140$325 Figure21984$65$115$250 Figure21984$50$80$280 Figure21984$90$160$350 Shield ShooterHeroAction Figure21984$130$160$350 Shield ShooterEvilAction Figure21984$90$120$275 Male Titan Shield ShooterHeroAction Figure21984$280$310$445 King Shield ShooterEvilAction Figure21984$280$310$445 Shield ShooterHeroAction Figure21984$280$310$445 Whole CollectionNASERIES 1&2 TOTAL11983$3,750$5,460$13,160

How To Use This Price Guide

MLC = “Mint Loose Condition” This is when the action figure or Vehicle is in excellent condition,  and is loose and “complete” with all original accessories, but without the packaging and original included paperwork.

MIB = “Mint in box” This is when the collectible is in excellent condition,  and is loose and “complete” with all original accessories and original included paperwork.

MWC = “Mint with Card Back” This is when an action figure os is excellent condition,  and is loose and “complete” with all original accessories, however included the original card back fully intact. If the original blister bubble is intact, It can bring additional value depending on the condition of the blister bubble.

MISB = “Mint in Sealed Box” This is when the Collectible is in excellent condition,  and is factory sealed and was never opened or used.

MOC = “Mint on card” This Is when the action figure is in excellent condition and is factory sealed and it’s original blister bubble and was never opened or used.

COMPLETE = “Complete” This is when the collectible is 100% complete with all of its accessories. Additional paperwork included with the original package does increase the overall value but does not necessarily consider the item complete

DISCLAIMER: All values are estimated by Retro Toy Quest and subject to change and discrepancy, depending on the advanced nature of any collector.