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The Superman character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in the 1930s. The now-iconic character originally debuted in Action Comics #1, published on April 18, 1938. Shortly after, Superman’s popularity led to several other media outlets, including pre-television radio shows and novels beginning in the early 1940s. Later the Superman franchise would eventually develop into a live-action black and white television show, an animated series, and several blockbuster movies, all before the 1984 release of the Super Powers Collection toy line.

Superman (birth name Kal-El) was born on Krypton and escaped shortly before the destruction of his home planet. When his parents, Jor-El and Lara, discover Krypton’s impending doom, Jor-El begins constructing a spacecraft to carry Kal-El to Earth. Unfortunately, Superman’s parents perish along with the planet’s destruction, as the spaceship transporting the infant barely escapes Krypton’s destructive fate. The devastating explosion then alters the planetary debris into kryptonite, a radioactive substance that is highly lethal to Superman’s superpowers.

The spacecraft found its way to the planet earth crash-landed in a rural part of the United States. Superman was then discovered at the crash site as a small child and adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who took him in and raised them as their own. Kal-El was renamed Clark Kent and grew up with wholesome midwestern values as a testament to his adopted parents.

Clark Kent eventually discovered his powers and relocated to the city of Metropolis after learning of his true origin. He then became Superman, defender of justice, and works undercover as a placid-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet. Ironically, Superman becomes the subject of frequent headline stories written by his coworker Lois Lane. Over time, the two become romantically attracted to each other and find themselves caught up in many adventures. Honoring the traditional and moral values instilled in him by his foster parents along with the historical teachings of Krypton, Superman is a self-sacrificing hero devoted to promoting “truth, justice, and the American way.”


The Superman action figure was the obvious choice for Kenner to included in their series 1 lineup. Superman was undoubtedly one of the flagship characters in DC’s stable superheroes. The action figure featured a mechanical “Power Action Punch” that activated simulated arm movement when both legs were squeezed inward. The sculpting of the action figure was highly detailed for the time and very reminiscent of any expectations based upon the previous comic book and animated series. Superman’s cape is made of cloth material and offered a neck-fitting clip-on feature that would allow the cape to be removed or reattached as desired. The cape could quickly be taken off and often lost by many children in the 1980s.

The Superman action figure offered 7 points of articulation with the hips, knees, shoulders, and neck. The innovative mechanical “Super Power Action” often created loose joints and limbs over time, making some action figures challenging to stand an offer possibility. Finding an action figure with a perfect “Super Power Action” functionality along with mint condition paint and accessories can fetch a much higher value on the current collectors market.

Included Accessories

Superman Cape Front
Superman Cape Back

Original Packaging

Packaging Front
Packaging Back

Included Mini Comic

Superman Mini Comic Front
Superman Mini Comic Back

The 1984 Superman Super Powers TV Commercial

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Collector’s Price Guide

ImageProduct NameAllianceTypeSeriesYearMLCMIB / MWCMISB / MOC Figure11984$70$135$280 Figure11984$90$140$285 WomanGoodAction Figure11984$95$140$165 Figure11984$25$40$90 Figure11984$70$95$210 Figure11984$80$100$210 LanternGoodAction Figure11984$60$70$95 Figure11984$50$70$200 LuthorEvilAction Figure11984$30$45$100 Figure11984$40$55$100 Figure11984$60$80$300 Figure11984$60$82$95 Vehicle11984$90$129$310 Vehicle11984$45$110$210 7EvilAction Vehicle11984$85$125$155 of JusticeGoodPlayset11984$125$325$650 Powers Collection Carrying CaseGoodNeutral11984$135$155$210 Whole CollectionNASERIES 1 TOTAL11984$1,210$1,896$3,665 Figure21985$28$0$0 Figure21985$85$0$0 FateEvilAction Figure21985$37$0$0 Figure21985$25$0$0 ArrowEvilAction Figure21985$145$0$0 Figure21985$45$0$0 Figure21985$30$0$0 ManhunterEvilAction Figure21985$25$0$0 Figure21985$70$0$0 TornadoEvilAction Figure21985$42$0$0 Figure21985$25$0$0 KentEvilAction Figure21985$70$0$0 DestroyerEvilAction Vehicle21985$118$0$0 Probe OneEvilAction Vehicle21985$50$0$0 Boulder BomberEvilAction Vehicle21985$70$0$0 Whole CollectionNASERIES 1 TOTAL11984$864$0$0

How To Use This Price Guide

MLC = “Mint Loose Condition” This is when the action figure or Vehicle is in excellent condition,  and is loose and “complete” with all original accessories, but without the packaging and original included paperwork.

MIB = “Mint in box” This is when the collectible is in excellent condition,  and is loose and “complete” with all original accessories and original included paperwork.

MWC = “Mint with Card Back” This is when an action figure os is excellent condition,  and is loose and “complete” with all original accessories, however included the original card back fully intact. If the original blister bubble is intact, It can bring additional value depending on the condition of the blister bubble.

MISB = “Mint in Sealed Box” This is when the Collectible is in excellent condition,  and is factory sealed and was never opened or used.

MOC = “Mint on card” This Is when the action figure is in excellent condition and is factory sealed and it’s original blister bubble and was never opened or used.

COMPLETE = “Complete” This is when the collectible is 100% complete with all of its accessories. Additional paperwork included with the original package does increase the overall value but does not necessarily consider the item complete

DISCLAIMER: All values are estimated by Retro Toy Quest and subject to change and discrepancy, depending on the advanced nature of any collector.